Other Payment

Patchno: CA1
Patchcat: CA
Patchname: Menlo Park Police Department K-9, CA Dobbie
Patchprice: 6.00
Patchsize: 5 x 4


Mail payments and orders to:

Rick Miller
P. O. Box 9 8 1
Lillian, AL 36549-0981

Shipping Options

We use the following methods:

Method 1 1st Class Mail. A fee of $0.50 per patch is charged. Ask me about rates for large purchases. Postal Insurance can be added for $1.50 extra.

Method 2 Priority Mail. A fee of $4.00 is charged. If you wish Delivery Confirmation the total will be $4.50.

Method 3 Priority Mail with Insurance. A fee of $5.50 is charged. $4.00 for Priority Mail and $1.50 for Postal Insurance.

Tracking your order:

Delivery Confirmation is only used on Priority Mail shipments, so if you would like a number you must select Method 2.

Shipping Policies:

Seller is NOT to be held liable for Postal Losses. I recommend the use of Postal Insurance for more than a few patches. The Buyer must decide if there is a need for insurance on their purchases.

Overseas Shipping:

A word of caution. In the past, I have had several packages seized by Customs in Foreign Countries. Many Countries consider Law Enforcement Patches prohibited items. Once an Overseas order is placed, I will contact the post office for the postal rate and advise the Buyer. Payment for patches shipped overseas is in U.S. Dollars only.


All payment are to be made in U.S. Dollars ONLY. NO Foreign Currency is allowed. EURO Dollars are NOT A valid currency in the United States.

If you prefer not to use the Paypal shopping cart. Email me which patch(es) you are interested in and we can make other payment arrangements.

Alternative payment methods are Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, or Cash. (Credit Card purchases are conducted through the PayPal link.)

NO Personal Checks at all.

Sorry, I have been burned by too many bad checks and my bank charges ME a $27 fee for a processing returned check. Personal checks will be returned to the Buyer and selected patches returned to inventory.

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